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Meurik is the governor of Camelot on PX1-767. He welcomed SG-1 as guests to his village, and spoke with reverence of King Arthur, but he was offended by the mention of Merlin's name. He warned SG-1 not to pursue their search for Merlin, whom he considered a wizard of darkness, and he was angered when SG-1 did not heed his admonition and entered the wizard's library, awakening the curse of the Black Knight that resulted in the death of Antonius. He would not be persuaded by SG-1's words concerning the threat of the Ori, and he ordered them to leave the village and take the curse with them. SG-1 tried repeatedly to convince Meurik that no magic was at work, but each time they denied the presence of magic, the team was whisked away by an Asgard transport beam, making their arguments against magic unconvincing. After the Black Knight was defeated, Meurik had a change of heart and welcomed SG-1 as heroes who had conquered Merlin's curse. It was Meurik who identified Merlin's pendant as the Sangreal which might be found on Castiana, Sahal, or Vagon Brei.

Portrayed by: John Noble

Cross Reference: Antonius, Black Knight, Camelot, Meurik's Wife, Sangreal

Episode Reference: Camelot