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Arlos is a scientist who had been studying the Goa'uld Kor Mak bracelets. When Vala encountered Arlos, she had been making her way as a trader, smuggler, and thief, and she stole his mother's necklace from him, as well as a pair of the Kor Mak bracelets. She traded the necklace to Inago for a power coil, the power coil to Caius for his cargo ship, and the cargo ship was traded to the Lucian Alliance. The bracelets Vala brought to Earth, and she used them to link herself to Daniel, however, after the bracelets were removed, their effect did not wear off as it was supposed to, and Vala and SG-1 returned to Arlos, hoping that his expertise in alien technology would enable them to disengage the bracelets. Arlos only agreed to help if his mother's necklace was returned, and SG-1 had to recover the cargo ship from the Lucian Alliance, exchange the ship for the power coil, and the power coil for the necklace. However, although Arlos was grateful for the return of the necklace, which would get his mother off his back, he could offer no solution for the Kor Mak bracelets, and suggested that the bond between them would wear off in time on its own.

Portrayed by: Wallace Shawn

Cross Reference: Caius, Inago, Kor Mak

Episode Reference: The Ties That Bind