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Inago is a Jaffa who wears the tattoo of Tilgath. Following the fall of the Goa'uld, with no planets to conquer or cities to loot, Inago had become an unscrupulous trader in worthless copies of artifacts. When Vala encountered him, she had been making her way as a trader, smuggler, and thief, and she had stolen a necklace from Arlos which she traded to Inago as a "priceless heirloom from the House of Verenna." In exchange, Inago had offered her a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship, which he claimed was a Goa'uld force shield inhibitor. Vala traded the power coil to Caius for his cargo ship, and the cargo ship was traded to the Lucian Alliance. However, when Vala and SG-1 sought help from Arlos to disengage the Kor Mak bracelets, Arlos insisted on the return of his necklace, and Inago would only agree to cooperate if SG-1 returned his power coil in a straight swap. SG-1 had to recover the cargo ship from the Lucian Alliance, exchange the ship for the power coil, and trade the power coil to Inago for the necklace, which they then returned to Arlos.

Portrayed by: Michael P. Northey

Cross Reference: Arlos, Caius, Jaffa, Kor Mak

Episode Reference: The Ties That Bind