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The Atanik armbands were created by an ancient race far older than the Goa'uld. The inscription on the armbands in the language of the Ataniks reads, "With great power comes great responsibility, and the ability to affect great consequences." They were designed to give the wearer incredible speed and strength, and to greatly increase all natural abilities, however they will work for only a limited time. Long thought to be a myth, the armbands were discovered by Anise among the ruins on a remote planet. She brought them to Earth for testing since Tok'ra physiology rejects the devices, probably due to the presence of a symbiote. O'Neill, Daniel, and Carter volunteered as test subjects. Once attached, the armbands cannot be removed, and they release a virus into the system to access the human physiology, causing increased hormone levels, and producing a narcotic-like effect that affects judgment. The virus also increases metabolism to match the energy the body requires to accommodate its enhanced abilities, resulting in increased appetite and causing a fever which can lead to multiple organ failure. When the body develops antibodies to the virus, the immune system makes the armband useless, and it comes off on its own. The armbands were left behind on PX9-757.

Cross Reference: Anise, Ataniks, O'Malley's Bar & Grill, PX9-757

Episode Reference: Upgrades