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Anise is a Tok'ra archaeologist whose area of expertise is ancient cultures. "Anise," meaning "noble strength," is the symbiote within the host body of Freya. As a Tok'ra liaison, Anise has offered limited cooperation with the SGC. She brought Atanik armbands to the SGC, enlisting the assistance of SG-1 as human test subjects. She arranged to accept Shan'auc's offer of cooperation and found a Tok'ra host for her symbiote, Tanith. She found evidence of zatarc programming, and screened members of the SGC using the experimental technology of the zatarc detector. Anise has an interest in Daniel on an intellectual level, although Freya has expressed her attraction for O'Neill.

Portrayed by: Vanessa Angel

Cross Reference: Armbands, Lieutenant Astor, Freya, Hebron, Lo'machen, Shan'auc, Tanith, Tok'ra, Vorash, Zatarc, Zatarc Detector

Episode Reference: Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer