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Shan'auc of the Red Hills was a Jaffa priestess in the temple of Apophis and a longtime acquaintance of Teal'c. Having accepted Bra'tac's teachings that the Goa'uld are false gods, Shan'auc believed that she had been able to communicate with her symbiote through primal images and feelings in a deep state of kelno'reem and that she had turned her symbiote against the Goa'uld. She was sent to Earth by Bra'tac where she was reunited with Teal'c and their fondness for each other was rekindled.

With the cooperation of the Tok'ra, a host was found for the symbiote Shan'auc carried in the hope of gaining the knowledge of the Goa'uld, however her symbiote, Tanith, had deceived her. Once implanted among the Tok'ra, Tanith murdered Shan'auc, and although Tanith was protected by the Tok'ra, who intended to exploit him as a counterspy, Teal'c vowed to avenge Shan'auc's death.

Portrayed by: Musetta Vander

Cross Reference: Anise, Chulak, Hebron, Jaffa, Kelno'reem, Shauna, Tanith, Teal'c, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: Crossroads