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Kelno'reem, a state of very deep meditation, must be performed by a Jaffa each day. Unlike dreaming, while in a state of kelno'reem, one is in complete control of one's thoughts. In this waking sleep, the subconscious mind of a Jaffa becomes one with the symbiote, allowing it to repair or heal an illness. The ritual is imperative, or the body would be as if it had no immune system, which could lead to death.

In a very deep state of kelno'reem, the heart rate may slow to one or two beats per minute, in effect entering a state of suspended animation. In the deepest state of kelno'reem, the heart beats so slowly that it may stop. This practice is forbidden, but in this state, some communication with the symbiote, in the form of primitive images, can be achieved.

Teal'c performed kelno'reem each day, usually using many candles to enhance the meditation. Without a symbiote, however, kelno'reem is unnecessary. Since using tretonin, Teal'c has largely discontinued the practice in favor of regular periods of sleep, however he does occasionally return to the ritual for the emotional rather than physical benefits it provides.

Cross Reference: Goa'uld Language, Jaffa, Ninja Jaffa, Shan'auc, Teal'c

First Introduced: Holiday

Significant Episode Reference: Demons, Crossroads, Beneath the Surface, Tangent, Descent, The Changeling, Orpheus