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Ninja Jaffa

Ninja Jaffa are a special class among the Jaffa warriors loyal to Anubis. They bear the jackal tattoo of Anubis, but wear robes rather than armor, and carry swords in addition to staff weapons. Three Ninja Jaffa had been trapped aboard Anubis's mothership which was found abandoned in Earth's orbit. They had survived by entering a deep state of kelno'reem, slowing the heart rate to one or two beats per minute, making their life signs undetectable to ship's sensors. When SG-1 came aboard to investigate, the Ninja Jaffa revived, killed Dr. Friesen, and sabotaged the drive controls, forcing the ship to crash into the Pacific Ocean. Jaffa and Ninja Jaffa also served side by side during Anubis's conquest of Abydos and his attack of Kelowna.

Cross Reference: Anubis, Dr. Friesen, Jaffa, Kelno'reem

Episode Reference: Descent, Full Circle, Homecoming