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Bedrosia is one of the rival continents of P2X-416. Bedrosia and Optrica have been engulfed in an ideological war for decades, divided over their beliefs about the origin of life on the planet. The Bedrosians believe that the planet and its people were created by the god Nefertem, in direct conflict with the Optrican belief that humans were brought to the planet by aliens who traveled through a gateway. For 2000 years, the stargate on the planet had been buried and forgotten, encased in rock on the continent of Bedrosia. However, when it was uncovered, SG-1's arrival through the gate contradicted Bedrosian beliefs, and they were captured as Optrican spies. Advanced technology of the Bedrosians includes flying shuttlecraft, energy weapons, an energy barrier, and a healing device that can regenerate the optic nerve and cure blindness.

Location: Red Rock Quarry

Cross Reference: Mallin, Nefertem, Nyan, Optrica, P2X-416, Parcy, Rigar

Episode Reference: New Ground