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Optrica is one of the rival continents of P2X-416. Bedrosia and Optrica have been engulfed in an ideological war for decades, divided over their beliefs about the origin of life on the planet. The Optricans believe that humans were brought to the planet by aliens who traveled through a gateway on the continent of Bedrosia, but that during the upheaval, a period of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions covering most of the continent about 2000 year ago, the gateway was buried and the beings could no longer come through. The Bedrosians believe that the planet and its people were created by the god Nefertem, without the need of a gateway. Because SG-1's arrival through the newly unearthed stargate supported Optrican beliefs, they were captured by the Bedrosians as Optrican spies.

Cross Reference: Bedrosia, Mallin, Nefertem, Nyan, P2X-416, Parcy, Rigar

Episode Reference: New Ground