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The Jaffa Bo'rel had once been in service to Cronus, for whom he wore the tattoo, however, as a free Jaffa he served the council of the new Jaffa nation. As Ori warriors entered the galaxy, Se'tak, the new leader of the Jaffa High Council, ordered that the weapon on Dakara be used to annihilate worlds that had fallen to the Ori, and when SG-1 explored an abandoned Ori warship that remained after one such attack, they encountered a small contingent of Jaffa led by Bo'rel. Bo'rel captured Mitchell and Teal'c, claiming the warship for himself, but when Adria regained control of the ship, Mitchell convinced Bo'rel to work together to retake the ship. Adria piloted the warship to Dakara, and to defend his world, Se'tak fired Dakara's weapon into orbit, instantly killing his own Jaffa aboard the ship.

Portrayed by: Richard Whiten

Cross Reference: Jaffa, Se'tak

Episode Reference: Counterstrike