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Borzin had been an old acquaintance of Vala, and he made his home on a planet that used to have a Goa'uld shipbuilding facility but had since been taken over by the former human slaves and now had ties to the Lucian Alliance. There he operated a sort of interplanetary chop-shop, trading in ship parts. When Anateo and Solek captured the Odyssey, Solek brought the ship's emergency transponder to Borzin, where its broadcast signal lured SG-1 to the planet. Daniel and Vala approached Borzin and attempted to trade for information, but they were taken prisoner and brought by Borzin and Solek back to the Odyssey. There Borzin confronted Anateo and demanded payment for his cooperation, however their agreement had been for the delivery of all of SG-1. When Anateo ordered Solek to "take care of him," Borzin foolishly expected that he was about to be paid.

Portrayed by: Adrien Dorval

Cross Reference: Anateo, Lucian Alliance, Solek

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves