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Anateo had been one of Netan's lieutenants, or seconds, in the Lucian Alliance, but he believed that Netan had failed the Alliance, and that his position of leadership was hanging precariously by a thread. Netan's seconds had urged him to go after SG-1, whom they saw as a most troublesome adversary, and his refusal was seen as cowardice. As the planets under Anateo's control began to fall to the Ori, he came to Netan and demanded more territory, but Netan plotted instead to do away with Anateo, whom he recognized as his most worthy challenger for control of the Alliance. He ordered Anateo to capture the Odyssey as a message to the Tauri, believing that he would fail and be eliminated as his competition. Instead, Anateo lured Odyssey with false intelligence and ambushed the ship. He and about 15 of his men, including Solek, his right-hand man, succeeded in capturing the Odyssey, killing Colonel Emerson and taking Carter and the crew hostage. Anateo then set a trap to capture the rest of SG-1, and he added Daniel and Vala as prisoners, certain that his success would guarantee Netan's death and assure his own succession to the leadership of the Alliance. Infuriated by Anateo's betrayal, Netan ordered all available ships to find and recover the Odyssey. Meanwhile, however, Daniel and Vala escaped and worked to realign the beaming arrays of the Odyssey to rescue Carter by beaming her within the ship to join them. The maneuver was extremely risky, with the danger that Carter could materialize within solid matter, and Vala made the decision instead to target Anateo, the only other life sign in the room, and beam him out into space. Anateo died in space, and SG-1 captured 14 of his men and regained control of the Odyssey.

Portrayed by: Rudolf Martin

Cross Reference: Borzin, Paul Emerson, Lucian Alliance, Netan, Odyssey, Solek, Teresh

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves