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Teresh was a member of the Lucian Alliance loyal to Anateo. When Anateo captured the Odyssey in a bid to undermine the leadership of the Netan and gain control of the Lucian Alliance for himself, Teresh was among the members of his crew who boarded the Odyssey with him. Teresh was stationed in a control room, using the security system to monitor the activity of the Odyssey crew who were held prisoner in the ship's hold. When Daniel and Vala escaped, they zatted Teresh and used the control room to reconfigure the ship's beaming arrays. Teresh remained unconscious, and would have been among the 14 members of the Lucian Alliance who were captured when SG-1 regained control of the ship.

Portrayed by: Dean Monroe McKenzie

Cross Reference: Anateo, Lucian Alliance, Netan

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves