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Emmett Bregman

Emmett Bregman, a documentary filmmaker, was invited by the President to document the Stargate Program. Officially, his assignment was to chronicle the 1000th trip through the stargate, however the unofficial purpose of the documentary most likely had more to do with political posturing and an outgoing president who sought public support should the Stargate Program ever be disclosed. Bregman had been briefed by the Defense Department and had the full support of the President, however he received little cooperation from Hammond or the SGC personnel, who found his methods to be unorthodox and invasive.

Although Bregman spoke passionately in favor of a free press, his movements were restricted and he was granted no access to ongoing activities, including SG-13's mission to P3X-666 and the subsequent rescue mission led by O'Neill. While on base, Bregman was accompanied by Colonel Tom Rundell, the Public Affairs Liaison, and his camera crew consisted of Airman Wickenhouse and Sergeant James, who had been assigned by the Air Force. Among the few people who offered their cooperation was Dr. Fraiser, and Bregman was horrified to learn of her death in the line of duty when Hammond was ordered to turn over the videotape that Daniel had taken during the mission to P3X-666. Bregman's completed documentary included footage of the memorial service for Dr. Fraiser, and offered a touching tribute to the men and women of the military.

Portrayed by: Saul Rubinek

Cross Reference: Janet Fraiser, Dale James, P3X-666, Tom Rundell, Shep Wickenhouse

Episode Reference: Heroes