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Janet Fraiser

As the Chief Medical Officer of the SGC, Dr. Fraiser was responsible for the health and well being of all SGC personnel. She was hand selected for her expertise in exotic diseases, and was frequently called upon to conduct medical research and analysis of alien diseases, organisms, and life-forms. Her role as a doctor occasionally took her off-world through the stargate to other planets and cultures, including the mission to Hanka after a contagion had wiped out the population, the mission to PJ2-445 to investigate the cause of the illness being spread among the humanoid aliens, and the mission to the Alpha Site to assist in the treatment of wounded refugees. She had participated in combat situations, and had been wounded in the line of duty, including a gunshot wound to the left arm after Hathor seized control of the SGC. She was recommended for a commendation following her actions in helping to defeat Hathor on the base.

Dr. Fraiser entered the SGC at the rank of captain, and after three and a half years of outstanding service, she was promoted to the rank of major. In medical matters, however, she overruled those of any rank. Dr. Fraiser had been married to a man who did not understand or approve of her joining the Air Force, and she had remained single since her divorce. She adopted Cassandra, the 12 year old refugee from Hanka who was the only survivor of her planet, and she raised her daughter as a devoted single mother.

When SG-13 was ambushed on P3X-666, Dr. Fraiser was sent to the planet as part of the rescue mission. Airman Simon Wells had been critically wounded, and Dr. Fraiser treated him in the field under heavy weapons fire. Although she was able to stabilize him, Dr. Fraiser lost her own life during the battle, the victim of a staff weapon blast. Simon Wells survived his wound, and he named his newborn daughter Janet, in honor of Dr. Janet Fraiser. At Dr. Fraiser's memorial service, Carter honored her memory by naming the men and women whose lives she had saved. "We often talk about those that give their lives in the service of their country, and while Janet Fraiser did just that, that's not what her life was about. The following are the names of the men and women who did not die in service, but who are in fact alive today, because of Janet..."

Two years after Dr. Fraiser's death, SG-1 was briefly reunited with an alternate version of Janet Fraiser when a rupture in the space-time continuum caused a ripple effect that drew multiple SG teams from different parallel universes through the stargate into our reality. One alternate version of SG-1 included Mitchell, Daniel, Janet Fraiser, and Martouf. In their reality, Dr. Fraiser had survived the mission to P3X-666, and she had joined SG-1 in place of Carter, who was on maternity leave. Her Earth had been ravaged by the Prior plague which had infected hundreds of thousands, and Dr. Fraiser urged Landry to allow her team to return to their own reality to search for a cure. When the inter-universal rift had been corrected, Dr. Fraiser and her team were offered the cure to the Prior plague to bring back to their world.

Portrayed by: Teryl Rothery

See Also: Air Force Military Insignia

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Ripple Effect, Emmett Bregman, Samantha Carter, Cassandra, George Hammond, Daniel Jackson, Nurse, Jack O'Neill, P3X-666, Jonas Quinn, Teal'c, Janet Wells, Simon Wells

First Introduced: The Broca Divide

Significant Episode Reference: Hathor, Singularity, Rite of Passage, Heroes, Ripple Effect