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Simon Wells

Senior Airman Simon Wells served as a member of SG-13 under Colonel Dixon on the mission to P3X-666. He and his wife Marci were expecting their first child, and he proudly shared the ultrasound images of his unborn son with his teammates. When his team was ambushed by an army of Jaffa, Wells was severely wounded by a shot in the back from a staff weapon. He was treated in the field by Dr. Fraiser, who struggled to stabilize his condition, but fearing that his wound was fatal, he begged to record a final message to his wife. As Daniel obliged, his camera captured the death of Janet Fraiser from a staff weapon blast. Wells survived, and after several weeks of recovery in the infirmary he was able to return home in time for the birth of his child. The child turned out to be a daughter, and Wells and his wife named her Janet, in memory of Dr. Janet Fraiser.

Portrayed by: Julius Chapple

Cross Reference: Balinsky, Bosworth, David Dixon, Janet Fraiser, P3X-666, SG Teams, Janet Wells, Marci Wells

Episode Reference: Heroes