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Dr. Balinsky is an archaeologist and a member of SG-13 under Colonel Dixon. On a mission to P3X-666, the team discovered the ruins of a city once built by the Ancients, a discovery Balinsky greeted with enthusiasm reminiscent of Daniel Jackson. When a remote probe alerted the Goa'uld to their presence, and SG-13 was ambushed by an army of Jaffa, Balinsky was ordered back through the gate to report to the SGC and to bring reinforcements for a rescue mission. In addition to archaeology, Balinsky has also lent his expertise to geological surveys, and following a mission in which he had discovered rock samples with several grains of troilite and a mesostasis phase containing micrometer crystals, he eagerly presented his findings to a considerably less enthused O'Neill.

Portrayed by: David Lewis

Cross Reference: Bosworth, David Dixon, P3X-666, SG Teams, Simon Wells

Episode Reference: Heroes, Moebius