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In an alternate timeline created when SG-1 journeyed to ancient Egypt and changed history, Bosworth was part of the 7-man team selected for the first mission through the stargate to Chulak. The team was captured by Apophis's Jaffa, and Daniel was implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote who shot and killed Bosworth, leaving him behind on Chulak.

When history was corrected, the ill-fated mission to Chulak did not take place, and Bosworth was instead a member of SG-13 under Colonel Dixon. On the mission to P3X-666, the team placed bets as to what they might find on the planet, and Bosworth bet that they would encounter trees, for which he was disqualified by his commanding officer for being a smartass. When the team was ambushed by Jaffa, Simon Wells was wounded in the back by a staff weapon, and Bosworth radioed for help and stayed with his teammate until medical assistance arrived. He survived the firefight with the Jaffa and returned from the planet with his team.

Bosworth also served under Colonel Reynolds as a member of SG-3 during the Prometheus expedition to Atlantis. The Prometheus was hijacked, however, and returned to Earth for repairs without reaching its destination.

Portrayed by: Christopher Pearce

Cross Reference: Balinsky, David Dixon, Charles Kawalsky, Airman Mansfield, P3X-666, Prometheus, Colonel Reynolds, SG Teams, Time Travel 3000 BC, Simon Wells

Episode Reference: Heroes, Prometheus Unbound, Moebius