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Charles Kawalsky

Charles Kawalsky was a longtime comrade of O'Neill, and they had served together on many missions. In 1982, when both were captains under Colonel Michaels, they served together on Operation East Fly, an ill-fated mission to retrieve a Russian agent from East Germany. Kawalsky served under Colonel O'Neill during the original stargate mission to Abydos, and again during the return mission the following year. As a major, he was given command of the newly formed SG-2 unit for the mission to Chulak, but during the battle on the planet he was taken as a host by a larval Goa'uld. By the time his condition was realized, the Goa'uld had already become one with the host, and surgery to remove the symbiote was unsuccessful. Kawalsky died when the Goa'uld tried to escape through the stargate and he was caught in an event horizon as it disengaged.

Kawalsky has also been involved with the Stargate Program in several alternate timelines and realities. Kawalsky and Carter from an alternate reality arrived through the quantum mirror seeking assistance from the SGC when the Earth of their reality came under attack from the Goa'uld. Following SG-1's successful mission through the mirror, the Goa'uld were defeated and both Kawalsky and Carter were able to return to their own reality. In an alternate timeline created when SG-1 journeyed to ancient Egypt and changed history, Major Kawalsky had served on numerous missions under Colonel O'Neill and the two shared a strong mutual respect and admiration. It was this bond that convinced O'Neill to come out of retirement and join the team that Kawalsky had been assigned to assemble for the first mission to Chulak. The team was captured and imprisoned by Apophis's Jaffa, and in an ambush and firefight during their escape, Kawalsky was killed by a staff weapon blast and left behind on Chulak.

Portrayed by: Jay Acovone

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Quantum Mirror, Bosworth, Casey, Louis Ferretti, Colonel Kennedy, Airman Mansfield, John Michaels, Dr. Nimiziki, Jack O'Neill, Quantum Mirror, SG Teams, Time Travel 3000 BC, Dr. Warner, Major Warren

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, The Enemy Within, The Gamekeeper, Point of View, Moebius