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Point of View

03.06 Episode 50 (#6531)
Airdate: July 30, 1999

Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky emerge from an alternate reality through the quantum mirror in Area 51. In their world, the Goa'uld have conquered Earth, and they are seeking refuge, but Samantha begins suffering from temporal distortion, and remaining would be impossible. SG-1 must find a way to return them to their universe and to defeat the Goa'uld. Together the two Carters are able to reconstruct the alien energy generator to power the stargate, and SG-1 sets off through the mirror, hoping to contact the Asgard in the other reality, and to save the alternate Earth from destruction.

Story by: Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Tor Alexander Valenza
Teleplay by: Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky, Peter Williams as Apophis, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Ty Olsson as Jaffa #1, Shawn Reis as Jaffa #2, Tracy Westerholm as SF Guard

Reference: Alternate Reality, Alternate Reality - Quantum Mirror, Apophis, Area 51, Asgard, Asgard Transport Beam, Colorado Springs, Energy Generator, Entropic Cascade Failure, Charles Kawalsky, Kree, Multiverse Theory, Quantum Mirror, SF Guard, Torture Device


Destinations & Inhabitants

Alternate Reality

Destinations & Inhabitants

Quantum Mirror


  • The quantum mirror from P3R-233 had been stored at Area 51 at Nellis. Hammond ordered it sent to the SGC, and wants to have it destroyed following this mission.
  • In the alternate version of Earth, the SGC is the SGA, Daniel is not with the program, Kawalsky is alive, Dr. Carter is a civilian and married for one year to O'Neill, O'Neill is dead, Teal'c is the First Prime of Apophis, and the Goa'uld have taken over every major city of Earth and made slaves of the population.
  • According to quantum theory, for every possible universe there are infinite variations diverging at every choice we make like forks in the road.
  • Temporal entropic cascade failure on the cellular level is a side effect of quantum mirror travel. The increased entropy generated by duplicate people existing in the same reality causes temporal distortion.
  • The remote controller for the quantum mirror does not dial up a specific reality. If it is left on, it will stay connected to the reality it was set to, but if disconnected you must randomly search to find the specific reality again.
  • The Carters were able to repair the Ancient/Asgard energy generator by using the ratio of the decay rate of naquadah relative to the energy output, which she was able to learn when studying the naquadah generator from Orban.


  • Is he talking about that alternate reality thing Daniel futzed with on 233? [O'Neill]
  • Oh my God, this is too weird. [Carter]
    Yeah, how 'bout that hair? [O'Neill]
  • All right, um... just to clarify -- this Carter is from an alternate, alternate reality? [O'Neill]
    Apparently. [Daniel]
    Anybody else have a problem with that? [O'Neill]
    Which reality is actually real? [Teal'c]
    Thank you, Teal'c. [O'Neill]
  • So it's possible there's an alternate version of myself out there that actually understands what the hell you're talking about? [O'Neill]
  • For all we know, you could be her evil twin. But then, we'd be dealing with clich├ęs, and you know how I feel about those. No, actually you know how I feel about those... [O'Neill]
  • Well, the combined IQ of Earth might go up a few points having two Carters around. [O'Neill]
  • Quite the military mind, Daniel Jackson. [O'Neill]
  • Carter, download the program to the removable whatever-it-is, and meet me and yourself in the lab. [O'Neill]
  • The idea was to zat him. [O'Neill]
    As I said, O'Neill, ours is the only reality of consequence. [Teal'c]
  • All right, I gotta know. What the hell does "kree" mean? [O'Neill]
    Well, actually, it means a lot of things. Um, loosely translated it means "attention", "listen up", "concentrate"... [Daniel]
    "Yoo-hoo"?? [O'Neill]
    Yes, in a manner of speaking. [Daniel]
  • Kawalsky, during your Special Ops training in your world, did they cover silence? [O'Neill]
  • My First Prime killed you before my very eyes. [Alternate Apophis]
    I'm feeling much better, thank you. [O'Neill]
  • Oh, come on, ya gotta love those guys! [O'Neill]
  • You have to understand. My Jack had the same face, same voice, same hands. [Alternate Sam]
    Which brings to mind an obvious question. How could you marry such a loser? [O'Neill]


  • For crying out loud: 1 [Alternate Sam]
  • Alternate Carter calls O'Neill "Jack": 5
  • O'Neill calls Alternate Carter "Sam": 3
  • Peter DeLuise cameo: the voice during the videotaped interrogation
  • Injuries:
    • Daniel: beaten and shot by a zat gun.