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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado is the community in which the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is located. Its proximity to the top secret military base which is home to both NORAD and the SGC has occasionally put the community at risk for invasion or contamination in the event of a security breach within the facility. When the effects of an Ancient inter-dimensional device spread the ability throughout the community to see enormous insects from another dimension, Hammond ordered the immediate containment of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area until the effect could be reversed and the panic subsided. Colorado Springs was also infected by the Prior plague which quickly spread to the general population and became a global pandemic before the cure was found.

Cross Reference: Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Inter-Dimensional Insects, NORAD, Peterson Air Force Base, Prior Plague, SGC

Episode Reference: Point of View, 48 Hours, Prometheus, Sight Unseen, The Fourth Horseman