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The SGC, or Stargate Command, was established through a presidential directive following the arrival of Apophis through the Earth stargate a year after the original Abydos mission. Under the command of General George Hammond, and initially known only to the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff, nine teams operated on a covert top secret basis out of sublevel 28 of Cheyenne Mountain, with standing orders to seek new allies and procure technologies to aid in the defense against the Goa'uld or other alien aggressors.

The Pentagon designated the unofficial line item referring to the Stargate Program as Area 52. The top secret program, costing $7.4 billion annually, is classified under Section 11-C-9 of the National Security Act, and is routinely described using the cover story of analysis of deep space radar telemetry. The SG teams visit several new worlds each week, the coordinates for which are drawn from the Abydos cartouche and the library of the Ancients. These planets are given a coded alpha-numeric designation based on a binary code that the computer uses for extrapolation.

Since its inception, the SGC has visited hundreds of worlds each year, including over 1263 mission reports in its first ten years of operation, and it has grown to include additional teams, off-world allies, extensive research and development of alien technologies, ships capable of interstellar travel, permanent off-world bases at the Alpha Site and Gamma Site, a training program for specially selected graduates of the Air Force Academy, as well as disclosure and cooperation with US allies including Russia, China, France, and the UK.

The SGC has also faced political pressure and influences from the Pentagon, the NID, and the International Oversight Advisory. Under the new administration, President Hayes made the decision to place the SGC under the command of a civilian, and he selected Dr. Elizabeth Weir to replace General Hammond. Following the defeat of Anubis in Antarctica, Dr. Weir was reassigned, and General Jack O'Neill became the new head of Stargate Command. A year later, O'Neill was transferred to Washington, and General Hank Landry took command of the SGC, which remains Earth's first and best line of defense against potential alien threats to the planet.

Cross Reference: Area 52, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado Springs, Disclosure, George Hammond, Walter Harriman, Henry Hayes, International Oversight Advisory, Carolyn Lam, Hank Landry, NID, NORAD, Jack O'Neill, Pentagon, SF Guard, SG Teams, SG Uniforms, Dr. Sheffield, Sergeant Siler, Stargate, Technicians, Time Travel 3000 BC, Elizabeth Weir, Major Wood

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