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SG Uniforms

Uniforms worn by SG teams are based on regulation Air Force dress. Battle dress uniforms, or "BDUs," are the most common mode of dress, both on the base and off-world, and are available in several colors including green, blue, black, forest camouflage, and desert camouflage. The Command usually dictates the prescribed or alternate dress choices, despite Carter's remark that "We call each other every morning."

BDUs of different styles, colors, and fabrics are available for varying climate zones, depending on the need for camouflage. Green is the most commonly worn color for BDUs, both for the over-shirt, typically used on base, and the heavier jacket, often worn off-world. During off-world missions, a black vest designed for carrying gear is usually worn with the BDUs. The lighter weight camouflage BDUs, including the coordinating vest, are usually worn in hot or desert climates. Forest camouflage is frequently worn off-world by the SG-3 Marines.

The uniform shoulder patches indicate the SGC/Earth (left shoulder), the SG team designation (right shoulder) and the US Air Force (added to the right shoulder in the sixth year of operation).

On base, team members often have a choice of color. Blue BDUs with the black T-shirt may be worn on base but are rarely used during off-world missions. During the ninth and tenth years of the Stargate Program, black BDUs also began to be more commonly worn, both on base and off-world. The Class A, or service dress uniform, is worn during special and ceremonial events.

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