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SG Vest

The SG vest worn by SG teams on most off-world missions is specially designed to carry necessary gear, including the radio which is worn in the upper left breast pocket. Dr. Lee had been running lab tests in an attempt to find a material that could be used in conjunction with the vest to provide protection against a staff weapon blast. Kevlar will not stop the energy blast from a staff weapon, and the armor plating used in other bulletproof protection becomes superheated from the plasma so that while it would stop the penetration, the wearer would essentially be trapped in what becomes his own personal microwave oven. Eventually, in the seventh year of the SGC, Dr. Lee developed a new ceramic polymer material that resists the heat, stops the blast, and fits into a standard-issue SG vest. The new vests were used during the mission to P3X-666, and O'Neill's vest saved his life when he was shot by a staff weapon blast during the battle.

Cross Reference: Bill Lee, Radio, SG Uniforms, Sergeant Siler, Staff Weapon, Weapons

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

Significant Episode Reference: Heroes