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Staff Weapon

The Goa'uld staff weapon is the preferred weapon of Jaffa warriors. It uses a liquid naquadah power source and fires an energy blast, the power of which is variable depending on factors such as the time allowed for recycling between shots. It is a weapon of great power and endurance, but less accurate than Earth weapons. Traditional protective gear and materials such as Kevlar have been ineffective against the staff weapon, however the SGC has developed a new ceramic polymer insert that fits inside the standard-issue SG vest and has been successful in stopping the energy plasma from a staff weapon blast.

Cross Reference: Crystals, Hand Weapon, Harakash, Healing Device, Ribbon Device, SG Vest, Shock Grenade, Staff Cannon, Tac, Torture Device, Weapons, Wing Cannon, Zat'nik'tel

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

Significant Episode Reference: The Fifth Race, The Warrior, Heroes