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Ribbon Device

The Goa'uld ribbon device, or hand device, uses a modified version of the power source for a staff weapon and channels energy through amplification crystals, using thought control amplified with emotion. The thought control relies on the presence of naquadah in the blood, thus the Tok'ra as well as the Goa'uld have the ability to use the technology.

The ribbon device is integrated into the Goa'uld wrist device, which incorporates the remote control for various Goa'uld technologies such as the personal force field shield or ring transporter, and it consists of a reddish crystal that fits over the palm of the hand, held in place by units that fit over the fingertips. Worn on the left hand, the ribbon device can subdue, stun, paralyze, torture, cause great pain or unconsciousness, throw a victim across a distance, or kill. Because it is controlled with the mind, it is possible that it may also be able to transfer thoughts. As Amaunet used the hand device on Daniel, Sha're was able to communicate her thoughts to him through the energy of the device.

The SGC acquired Kendra's ribbon device, and Carter has demonstrated a limited ability to use it. Osiris used a ribbon device to subdue Daniel while he slept as she probed his subconscious with a memory recall device. Following her capture, her wrist device was confiscated by the SGC and sent to Area 51 for study. Her device had been modified to include a remote control to activate the Asgard transport beam, and eventually the device fell into the possession of the Trust, who used it to gain access to Osiris's ship in orbit.

Cross Reference: Crystals, Hand Weapon, Harakash, Healing Device, Osiris, Ring Transporter, Shock Grenade, Staff Weapon, Tac, Torture Device, Zat'nik'tel

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

Significant Episode Reference: Thor's Chariot, Secrets, Seth, Forever in a Day, Chimera, Endgame, Moebius