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Shock Grenade

The shock grenade is a weapon of Goa'uld design. It is spherical in shape, is often used in battle situations in close quarters, and can be set with a timing device. It explodes with a brilliant light and deafening high pitched sound which cause extreme pain, unconsciousness, and temporary blindness. SG-1 has been the victim of shock grenade technology in several encounters with the Goa'uld, however they have also managed to acquire a number of the devices, and have used them to subdue or disable the enemy, for example when arriving through a stargate believed to be under guard.

Cross Reference: Hand Weapon, Harakash, Healing Device, Ribbon Device, Staff Weapon, Tac, Torture Device, Zat'nik'tel

Episode Reference: The Serpent's Lair, Seth, Enemies, Redemption, Prophecy, Orpheus, Moebius, Talion