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The harakash is the ring weapon of the Ashrak, worn on the hand in much the same way as a ribbon device. It produces a beam of light which can scan or control the mind, but its primary purpose is as an instrument of torture and execution, inflicting unimaginable pain. Sokar used a harakash on Apophis as a method of repeated execution rather than to extract information, causing lesions on the symbiote from which it could not recover. The Ashrak used a harakash to assassinate Jolinar within the body of Carter, and the device was later confiscated by the SGC.

Cross Reference: Apophis, Ashrak, Goa'uld Language, Hand Weapon, Healing Device, Jolinar, Ribbon Device, Shock Grenade, Sokar, Staff Weapon, Tac, Torture Device, Zat'nik'tel

Episode Reference: In the Line of Duty, Serpent's Song, Fair Game