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Hand Weapon

The unnamed Goa'uld hand weapon is technology similar to a ribbon device or harakash. It is designed to be worn over the first and second fingers of the hand, and when activated it fires a tightly focused reddish laser-like energy beam that can destroy or kill. Because of its small and inconspicuous size, it has been used by zatarcs to carry out their mission of assassination, and it can be programmed to explode and destroy the zatarc subject once the mission is complete. As a zatarc, Martouf had used the hand weapon in his attempted assassination of the US president, and Major Graham had also used the device, suggesting that, unlike several other Goa'uld hand devices, the hand weapon technology does not require naquadah in the blood for activation. Osiris also used the hand weapon during the shootout in which she was captured on Earth, and her hand weapon was confiscated by SG-1. When bounty hunters in the employ of Netan of the Lucian Alliance sought SG-1 on Earth, the hand weapon was also used by an assassin who targeted Daniel in a public library. Although the weapon did cause burn damage to the objects that were struck, its energy did not penetrate the heavy book which Daniel used to protect himself.

Cross Reference: Assassin, Major Graham, Harakash, Healing Device, Martouf, Osiris, Ribbon Device, Shock Grenade, Staff Weapon, Tac, Torture Device, Zatarc, Zat'nik'tel

Episode Reference: Divide and Conquer, Chimera, Bounty