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In legend, Osiris was the first pharaoh of Egypt, brother to Seth, from whom he once hid on Kheb. As a Goa'uld, Osiris and his consort Isis were "banished to oblivion" by Seth, who placed their symbiotes in canopic jars, which functioned as stasis chambers, and buried them in an Egyptian temple.

The jars were recovered as artifacts in 1931 during the Stewart Expedition near Cairo, and the artifacts were later placed on loan to a museum in Chicago. Osiris survived thousands of years in stasis, but during a suspicious lab accident which killed Dr. David Jordan, the symbiote escaped, taking a female host in the body of Sarah Gardner. Osiris escaped from Earth on a Goa'uld ship long-hidden beneath the sands of Egypt, and began to reclaim her power. She joined forces with Anubis, acting as his representative at the summit at Hassara during which Anubis regained the rank of System Lord. She thwarted Daniel's attempt to rescue her host, and she wounded Yu in a struggle as she made her escape once again. As an ally of Anubis, Osiris engaged the forces of Lord Yu in battle, and she assisted in the capture of Thor and the invasion of Heimdall's lab in Anubis's quest to obtain the knowledge of the Asgard.

Using the Asgard technology that Anubis had acquired, Osiris returned to Earth in an alkesh equipped with an Asgard transport beam, and from her cloaked ship in Earth's orbit, she repeatedly visited Daniel while he slept and used a modified memory recall device in an attempt to draw the knowledge of the Ancients' Lost City from his subconscious mind. She failed to acquire the memories she sought in his dreams, however, and SG-1 used a jamming device to block the transport beam signal and prevent her escape. Osiris was captured, and the symbiote was removed from the host, freeing Sarah Gardner from the Goa'uld. Osiris's wrist device was sent to Area 51 for study, and her cloaked ship remained in Earth orbit until Dr. Bricksdale found a way to activate the Asgard transport beam, and members of the Trust gained access to the ship, which they used for a time as a base of operations.

Portrayed by: Anna-Louise Plowman

Cross Reference: Adara System, Anubis, Asgard Transport Beam, Curse of Osiris, Sarah Gardner, Goa'uld, Hand Weapon, Hassara System, Isis, David Jordan, Steven Rayner, Ribbon Device, Seth, Stasis, System Lords, Thor, Yu, Zipacna

Episode Reference: The Curse, Summit, Last Stand, Revelations, Chimera