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Stasis chambers, which dramatically slow autonomic functions, have been used by a number of races as a means of prolonging or preserving life. Among the Goa'uld, Hathor was placed in stasis in a sarcophagus in a Mayan Temple in Mexico, Osiris and Isis were banished in stasis in canopic jars in an Egyptian temple for thousands of years, and Egeria was also placed in stasis, banished by Ra in a canopic jar on Pangar. These special canopic jars, with a technologically advanced inner chamber that contains a liquid with sedative properties and a tiny naquadah power source to emit a low-level electrical charge to maintain temperature, can keep a symbiote alive in stasis indefinitely as long as the seal remains unbroken. When Hathor captured SG-1, she also used Goa'uld cryogenic technology that significantly lowered body temperature to preserve the team in suspended animation.

The Eurondans maintained thousands of their population in stasis chambers awaiting the end of their long war. The Hebridans have used stasis chambers in transport vessels such as the Seberus, used for carrying prisoners. The people of Talthus built three ships, including the Stromos, in which the survivors of their race were carried in cryogenic chambers during the long voyage from Talthus to their new homeworld on Ardena. The Tok'ra have also used stasis technology, and Lantash was placed in stasis after his host, Martouf, was injured beyond his ability to heal. The Asgard have had stasis technology for thousands of years. The crew of an ancient Asgard ship had been placed in suspended animation, lost between the galaxies for 30,000 years, and Heimdall maintained the rediscovered bodies in stasis as part of his genetic research. Thor also used a stasis pod to prolong his own life and to enable him to recover after being attacked by the Replicators.

The Ancients had also mastered cryogenic technology. Weakened to near the point of death from the technology of the Ancient repository, O'Neill was placed in a stasis chamber discovered in the Ancient outpost in Antarctica, where he remained in cryogenic suspension until a way could be found to revive him. Anubis had used the technology of the Ancient stasis chamber to preserve Khalek, his experimental genetic hybrid, in his underground lab on P3X-584. Morgan Le Fay had also used an Ancient stasis chamber to protect and preserve Merlin for well over a thousand years in a hidden cave isolated from the gate network.

Cross Reference: Ancient Outpost, Ancient Stasis Chamber, Asgard, Biliskner, Cryogenics, Egeria, Eurondans, Hathor, Isis, Khalek, Lantash, Martouf, Merlin, Merlin's Cave, Osiris, Seberus, Stromos, Thor, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: Hathor, Out of Mind, Into the Fire, Nemesis, The Other Side, The Curse, Summit, Revelations, Cure, Forsaken, Lifeboat, New Order, Prototype, The Quest