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The great Queen Egeria, Roman goddess of fountains and of childbirth, was an advisor to Numa Pompilius, a legendary ruler. She had been a Goa'uld, however over 2000 years ago she broke from the Goa'uld and came to Earth to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans as slaves. She founded the Tok'ra movement by passing her genetic memory through her offspring before being captured by Ra. She was believed to have been killed by Ra, however, she was instead imprisoned in stasis in a canopic jar and sealed within a tomb in the temple on Pangar, with the inscription, "Here lies Egeria, betrayer of the Goa'uld. May she suffer for all eternity."

Archaeological discoveries on Pangar sixty years ago uncovered her preserved symbiote, and, without realizing her identity, the Pangarans revived her and bred her in captivity for nearly 30 years for the production of tretonin, a miraculous drug that grants perfect health. Egeria deliberately sabotaged her young by passing on a flawed gene that gave tretonin a fatal weakness, in the hope that the research would be abandoned when the drug became untenable. Egeria's extreme age and massive cellular degeneration had weakened her, and when her true identity became known, the Tok'ra Kelmaa gave her life to allow Egeria to take her host instead. In a final act of compassion, Egeria provided the solution to counteract the genetic flaw of her offspring and to create an antidote for tretonin. Too weak to survive, however, Egeria died with the words, "The salvation of the Pangarans shall be my final act. Such is the spirit of Tok'ra that I wish to live on."

Portrayed by: Gwynyth Walsh

Cross Reference: Dollen, Kelmaa, Malek, Pangar, Pangarans, Ra, Stasis, Tegar, Tok'ra, Tretonin, Zenna Valk

Episode Reference: Cure