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Ra, the Egyptian sun god, was a powerful System Lord, the brother and rival of Apophis. He had ruled over many worlds, including Earth, Abydos and Pangar, enslaving the populations. When he captured Egeria, the founder of the Tok'ra movement, it was widely believed that he had killed her, however he had instead imprisoned her in stasis in a canopic jar sealed for eternity in a tomb within the temple on Pangar. When a rival Goa'uld, Shak'ran, captured Pangar in battle, Ra was forced to abandon the planet, and the temple was buried.

When Ra had come to Earth, he took a young Egyptian boy as his host and used the religion of the ancient Egyptians to enslave them. Attended by Horus Guards and Jaffa bearing his tattoo of the Eye of Ra, he ruled ruthlessly, establishing Earth as a power base, and building the Great Pyramids as landing pads for his motherships. Ra also possessed an Ancient zero point module which was stored in the treasure room of his temple near Giza, however the device was treated as a religious icon and Ra never knew its value as a power source.

In 2995 BC, the Egyptians rebelled, Ra was forced to abandon Earth, and the stargate at Giza was buried. Ra remained a powerful System Lord, however, and he recreated the Egyptian culture on Abydos where he established his new homeworld and where he buried another ancient artifact of untold power known as the Eye of Ra. Five thousand years after abandoning Earth, Ra was killed by O'Neill during the first mission to Abydos when a nuclear warhead was released on his mothership in orbit above the planet.

Portrayed by: Jay Williams

Cross Reference: Abydonians, Abydos, Apophis, Egeria, Egypt, Eye of Ra, Goa'uld, Horus Guard, Pangar, Pangarans, Shak'ran, System Lords, Time Travel 3000 BC, Zero Point Module

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, Cure, Moebius