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The Pangarans enjoy a technological level similar to that of Earth. They had been unfamiliar with gate travel, and had considered the stargate an ancient relic until their first contact with SG-1. Ancient temple ruins, first discovered over a hundred years ago, tell of Pangar's past as the domain of the Goa'uld including Ra, Shak'ran, and Apophis.

A canopic jar found within the temple 60 years ago contained a symbiote queen that had been preserved in stasis. The Pangarans had discovered a way to revive and breed the queen to produce tretonin, a miracle drug that grants perfect health, before they learned that the symbiote queen was Egeria, the founder of the Tok'ra. A deliberate genetic flaw in the symbiote offspring, however, resulted in a dependency on the tretonin, and the 20% of the population that relied on the drug faced death when the supply would eventually run out.

Anxious to establish diplomatic relations with Earth, the Pangarans offered full access to their history, culture, and technology in exchange for stargate technology and addresses to Goa'uld worlds where a replacement queen could be found. However, in a final act of compassion before her death, Egeria provided the solution the Pangarans sought, allowing them to develop an antidote for tretonin to save their population.

Cross Reference: Dollen, Egeria, Kelmaa, Malek, Pangar, Ra, Shak'ran, Tegar, Tok'ra, Tretonin, Zenna Valk

Episode Reference: Cure