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Zenna Valk

Dr. Zenna Valk, an archaeologist on Pangar, is the supervisor of the temple research project. It was her father who had discovered the canopic jar within the temple ruins which contained the symbiote queen in stasis that became the basis of tretonin production. Zenna welcomed assistance from Jonas and Teal'c in translating the ancient inscriptions which revealed the symbiote to be Egeria, founder of the Tok'ra movement. She was also among the 20% of the Pangaran population that had become dependent on tretonin, and she shared the truth about the negative effects of the drug in the hope that an antidote could be found.

Portrayed by: Allison Hossack

Cross Reference: Dollen, Egeria, Pangar, Pangarans, Tegar, Tretonin

Episode Reference: Cure