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Pangar is a world of mountains and meadows, oceans and cities, inhabited by the Pangarans who exhibit a technological level similar to that of Earth. Recent archaeological discoveries within ancient temple ruins suggest that Ra had used Pangar as his base of operations in that sector of the galaxy for centuries until the rival System Lord Shak'ran captured Pangar in battle, forcing Ra to abandon it. Shak'ran ruled Pangar as his homeworld until he was defeated by Apophis about 300 years ago. Since then, the Pangarans have evolved free of the Goa'uld, and archaeological and scientific discoveries have led them to the development of tretonin, a drug that promises perfect health.

Cross Reference: Apophis, Dollen, Egeria, Kelmaa, Malek, Pangarans, Ra, Shak'ran, Tegar, Tok'ra, Tretonin, Zenna Valk

Episode Reference: Cure

Point of Origin: 18

Pangar point of origin