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Out of Mind

02.22 Episode 44 (#8928)
Airdate: March 12, 1999

O'Neill is awakened from cryogenic suspension and finds himself in an SGC of the future. He is told that he has been frozen for 79 years, and that everyone he knows is gone. However, the war with the Goa'uld continues, and the SGC needs his knowledge to find allies capable of defeating the Goa'uld. When O'Neill's suspicions are aroused, he escapes and discovers that the base is really a Goa'uld replica, and that Carter and Daniel are also there. It is Hathor who has arranged the deception, and now she plans to implant one of the team with a Goa'uld. Part one of two.

Story by: Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright
Teleplay by: Jonathan Glassner
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser, Suanne Braun as Hathor, Tom Butler as Major General Trofsky, Samantha Ferris as Dr. Raully

Reference: Alternate Dimension, Cryogenics, Hathor, Holographic Projection, Horus Guard, Invisibility, Memory Recall Device, Raully, Stasis, Trofsky


Destinations & Inhabitants

Hathor's Base

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • SG-1 went to a planet thought to be ruled by a Goa'uld where they encountered both Serpent and Horus guards and were taken prisoner, cryogenically frozen, with no memory of their capture. Teal'c suffered massive internal injuries and was left for dead.
  • Members of SG-1 were told that the year is 2077. They were sent back through the stargate already frozen and placed in cryogenic hibernation for 78 years until there was sufficient technology to safely revive them, but the rest of the team members were returned already dead. General Hammond lived to be 93 years old. There are 28 SG teams on Earth and 10 more occupying off-world colonies. The outpost planets are at war with the Goa'uld and losing, and SGC needs to know which alien cultures have the knowledge and technology to defeat them. The implanted device is technology from the Tok'ra, with whom Earth is still allied, and is used to stimulate memory.
  • Carter has naquadah in her system which can be sensed by the Goa'uld. The drugs prevented her from sensing the naquadah in others.
  • Hathor has the power of invisibility, however SG-1 is now immune to the controlling organism in her breath.
  • Hathor is recruiting her forces of Serpent and Horus guards from the remote outposts of her enemies and building an army.


  • I have more questions, but that can wait. [Daniel]
  • Damn cost cutting. [O'Neill]
  • You know, you really should do something about the breath. [O'Neill]
  • How do we contact the Asgards so that we might align with their forces? [Hathor]
    Try Roswell. Little place in New Mexico. [O'Neill]


  • Teal'c saved by his symbiote: healed from severe injuries
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill, Carter, Daniel: cryogenically frozen
    • Teal'c: massive internal injuries, unconscious for three weeks
  • Popular Culture References:
    • The Wizard of Oz
      • There's no place like home, Sir.