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Members of SG-1 were captured by Hathor and cryogenically frozen with no memory of their capture. They were awakened individually in a facility constructed to duplicate the SGC and were led to believe that they were on Earth, that they had remained in suspension for 79 years, and that the rest of their team had died. The procedure was overseen by Dr. Raully and General Trofsky, who told SG-1 that the year was 2077, that there were 28 SG teams on Earth and 10 more occupying off-world colonies, but that the outpost planets were fighting a losing war with the Goa'uld and a powerful ally was needed. Hathor's intention was to use information retrieved from SG-1 to find a powerful ally of her own.

When Hathor attempted to make a host of O'Neill, he was saved from Goa'uld implantation because the cryogenic process prevents the blending of the symbiote with the host, and the symbiote died before the joining could be completed.

Although Hathor's system of cryogenic suspension relied on lowering body temperature, other cultures encountered by SG-1 have also used a system of cryogenic sleep, or stasis, by means of slowing or suspending body functions.

Cross Reference: Hathor, Raully, Stasis, Trofsky

Episode Reference: Out of Mind, Into the Fire