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Hathor was a much loved Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety and music, (described by O'Neill as sex, drugs, and rock and roll). In mythology she was linked to Aphrodite of Greece, Ishtar of Babylon, Stargae of Syria, and Ceres of Rome. Hathor was both the daughter and wife of Ra, and was a friend of humanity. She was sent by Ra to destroy mankind, but when he changed his mind she became an enemy of both Ra and Apophis. As the "Queen of the Gods" and "Mother of All Pharaohs," Hathor and others like her produce the larval Goa'uld using DNA from the host species to ensure compatibility between symbiote and host.

Hathor was imprisoned in stasis for almost 2000 years in a sarcophagus recovered from the Mayan Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico. Released by archaeologist Dr. Kleinhouse and his associate, whom she then killed, she made her way to the SGC and the stargate, to which she was drawn. Hathor produced a purplish chemical organism in her breath, with effects similar to a powerful pheromone, which gave her power over men. She mated with Daniel to produce new larval Goa'uld, and created a Jaffa pouch in O'Neill. By influencing the men on the base to do her will, she was able to take control of the facility, but she was defeated by the women of the SGC, led by Carter and Fraiser.

Hathor escaped through the stargate, and in a plan to overthrow the System Lords, she established a base and began recruiting an army of both Horus and Serpent Guards. She had acquired the technology of invisibility, cryogenics, energy barriers, and weapons towers. She created a facility within her base that was a duplicate of the SGC, and she captured SG-1 and placed them in cryogenic suspension, intending that they would become Goa'uld hosts, and hoping to use their knowledge to gain an advantage over the System Lords. However, Hathor was defeated by O'Neill, thrown into a cryogenic vat, and presumed killed when the entire facility was destroyed.

Portrayed by: Suanne Braun

Cross Reference: Dr. Cole, Cryogenics, Goa'uld, Hathor's Breath, Horus Guard, Invisibility, Dr. Kleinhouse, Colonel Makepeace, Raully, Sarcophagus, Serpent Guard, Stasis, System Lords, Trofsky, Weapons Tower

Episode Reference: Hathor, Out of Mind, Into the Fire