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Memory Recall Device

The memory recall device, an example of Tok'ra technology, uses a small round implant near the temple to stimulate and amplify the memory centers of the brain. It can be adjusted to different levels, from brief flashes to hypnotic recall, and when connected to an external device, it can project what the mind's eye is seeing holographically. A flickering blue light at its center indicates that the device is working. It can provide very realistic sensory recall, including intense pain, and there are no specific ways of exactly targeting certain memories, or of preventing certain memories from surfacing.

The device had been used by Hathor to access the memories of SG-1, by Martouf to access Jolinar's memories in Carter, by Apophis, in conjunction with the Blood of Sokar, to extract information from SG-1, and by the SGC for the interrogation of the captured Kull Warrior. When Osiris sought the knowledge of the Ancients and attempted to probe Daniel's subconscious mind as he slept, she placed a pair of devices on both Daniel and herself, enabling her to receive his dreams and memories directly. A modified version of the memory recall device is also used in conjunction with the zatarc detector technology to identify false memories or deliberate lies. A device similar to this modification was also used by Athena to probe Vala's subconscious mind for suppressed memories of Qestesh that could lead to the Clava Thessara Infinitas. This process, which caused extreme pain, dredged up long buried memories and emotions which appeared on the monitor of a laptop computer.

Cross Reference: Blood of Sokar, Holographic Projection, Tok'ra, Zatarc Detector

Episode Reference: Out of Mind, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Divide and Conquer, Absolute Power, Allegiance, Evolution, Chimera, Memento Mori