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Ancient Outpost

A small chamber buried beneath the lava flows of Praclarush Taonas had been an outpost of the Ancients millennia ago. The throne-like chair within the chamber, when powered by a zero point module and activated by O'Neill, displayed a holographic map of the galaxy that led SG-1 to a similar chamber buried deep beneath the ice of Antarctica. The Ancient outpost in Antarctica held a similar chair of Ancient design which O'Neill activated, releasing swarms of energy drones that destroyed Anubis and saved Earth. The outpost also contained a stasis chamber, which O'Neill described simply as "dormata" ("sleep"). Weakened by the Ancient technology and near death, O'Neill was placed in the stasis chamber, where he remained in cryogenic suspension until a way could be found to revive him.

Meanwhile, twelve nations engaged in uneasy talks about jurisdiction over the newly discovered outpost at the Antarctic site, and following O'Neill's recovery, Dr. Elizabeth Weir was asked to supervise the research being conducted at the Ancient outpost and to use her negotiating skills to handle the various international claims on the site. Although the outpost in Antarctica was not the Lost City of the Ancients that SG-1 had hoped to find, the research being conducted at the outpost did eventually lead to the discovery of the Lost City of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Cross Reference: Ancients, Ancient Defense Weapon, Ancient Stasis Chamber, Antarctica, Atlantis, Lost City, Praclarush Taonas, Stasis, Elizabeth Weir, Zero Point Module

Episode Reference: Lost City