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Elizabeth Weir

Dr. Elizabeth Weir is a civilian expert on international politics and a skilled negotiator. She began her career as a political activist lobbying against the government's military spending, and she is known for her aversion to the military, insisting that the best way to stop the proliferation of weapons is to end the need for them. She speaks five languages, including Russian, and has mediated a dozen of the most sensitive international treaties in modern times, including high-level negotiations for the UN. Daniel had even referenced some of her work in drafting the first treaty with the Tok'ra.

Hoping to put a civilian face on the SGC in the wake of political pressure, President Hayes summoned General Hammond to Washington for reassignment and asked Dr. Weir to run the Stargate Program. She earned the respect of SG-1 with her willingness to listen and her support of their efforts to use the knowledge of the Ancients in the defense of Earth, but she incurred the wrath of Vice President Kinsey who had hoped to mold her to his personal agenda. Following the defeat of Anubis over Antarctica, her skills as a negotiator were again required when Amaterasu, Camulus, and Yu arrived at the SGC and proposed an Earth alliance with the System Lords against Ba'al. Suspicious of their motives, Dr. Weir called their bluff and then detained the representatives when it was learned that they intended to use a Goa'uld ship to test Earth's defenses, however she eventually released them, believing them to be more use fighting Ba'al.

After O'Neill had been revived from the Ancient stasis chamber and returned to the SGC, President Hayes transferred command of the SGC to General O'Neill, and he asked Dr. Weir to supervise the research at the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. There her negotiating skills were once again required to handle the various international claims being made on the site. Research conducted at the outpost eventually led to the discovery of the location of the Lost City of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy, and Dr. Weir was appointed to head the civilian expedition to Atlantis. Two years later, SG-1 arrived in Atlantis with a two-fold mission to block the Ori supergate and to find information leading to Merlin's weapon. Dr. Weir cooperated with the Odyssey's mission to establish a wormhole between the supergate and the Pegasus Galaxy, and she assisted Daniel in his search of the Ancient library database, a search that revealed the presence of Morgan Le Fay.

Portrayed by: Jessica Steen, Torri Higginson

Cross Reference: Ancient Outpost, Antarctica, Atlantis, Henry Hayes, Robert Kinsey, Major Lorne, Rodney McKay, Colonel Pearson, SGC, John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka

Episode Reference: Lost City, New Order, The Pegasus Project