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Colonel Pearson

Colonel Pearson is a member of the SGC. He served as an aide to Dr. Elizabeth Weir during her time as the commander of the facility, often acting as a liaison in the control room. Later, he took command of the Gamma Site, and he escorted representatives of the IOA on a tour of the facility during their first off-world excursion. When the carnivorous alien insect known as R75 breached containment and swarmed the base, he ordered SG-1 and the IOA to the research station on the surface while he and his men tried to regain control of the facility. Colonel Pearson and the personnel at the Gamma Site died when the self destruct command was triggered and when Protocol CR91 was subsequently initiated, releasing a lethal neurotoxin into the atmosphere.

Portrayed by: John Prowse

Cross Reference: Gamma Site, Dr. Myers, Dr. Pullman, R75, Elizabeth Weir

Episode Reference: Lost City, The Scourge