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The Scourge

09.17 Episode 191
Airdate: February 17, 2006

The Pentagon has requested that SG-1 escort Richard Woolsey and three representatives of the International Oversight Advisory on their first off-world public relations tour of the Gamma Site. During the routine visit of the scientific research facility, the group is introduced to Dr. Myers, who shares his research on an unusual insect species known as R75. However, when the lethargic bug specimens suddenly become carnivorous and rapidly multiply, killing Dr. Myers and swarming the gateroom, the routine mission becomes deadly. Colonel Pearson orders the facility on lockdown, and SG-1 escorts the representatives to the surface until the situation is contained.

The insidious R75 species is most likely the work of the Priors, and they have breached containment, traveling underground and emerging to feed. As SG-1 escorts the group through the forest, suddenly thousands of insects swarm from the ground and devour an SF in seconds. Unable to continue to the safety of a research station, the terrified group races toward rocky terrain and seeks shelter in a cave, temporarily deterring the advancing swarm with the percussive fire of their weapons. Returning for the F-302s might be their best chance for escape, but a massive explosion signals that the self-destruct has been triggered. The Gamma Site is gone.

Odyssey has been dispatched with orders to launch a neurotoxin that will wipe out R75. Unable to communicate with the ship, however, the humans will be killed as well. Hoping to use the transmitters of the research facility, the group begins a treacherous trek through the woods with the subterranean swarm in close pursuit. Upon arriving at the facility, Carter desperately attempts to broadcast a signal as the team's diminishing ammunition keeps the bugs at bay and the perimeter tightens. Suddenly, in a brilliant flash of light, the group is beamed to safety aboard the Odyssey. However, the threat remains. R75 has been reported on two more worlds.

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: Ken Girotti

Guest Starring: Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey, Tamlyn Tomita as Shen Xiaoyi, Mark Oliver as La Pierre, Andy Maton as Chapman, Tony Alcantar as Dr. Myers, Gary Jones as Sergeant Harriman, Bill Dow as Dr. Lee, John Prowse as Colonel Pearson, Guy Fauchon as Pullman, Jason McKinnon as Walker, Sean Hall as SF

Reference: Asgard Transport Beam, Autodestruct Sequence, BC-304, Chapman, Doomsday, Gamma Site, Gate Alliance Treaty, International Oversight Advisory, La Pierre, Bill Lee, Dr. Myers, Odyssey, Colonel Pearson, Protocol CR91, Dr. Pullman, R75, Shen Xiaoyi, Subcutaneous Transmitter, Walker, Richard Woolsey


Destinations & Inhabitants

Gamma Site

Destinations & Inhabitants

SGC Research Facility

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • It has been three years since the signing of the Gate Alliance Treaty.
  • The IOA is the International Oversight Advisory. Members of the IOA visiting the Gamma Site are Chapman (British), LaPierre (French), Shen (Chinese), and Woolsey (liaison).
  • The Gamma Site is 24,000 light years from Earth. The unique radioactive ionosphere makes it difficult to lock onto surface targets from orbit. Over 30 scientists were engaged in ongoing projects, including Dr. Myers, (lead entomologist studying R75), Dr. Sharma, (lead botanist), Dr. Toshiaki (magnetic resonance field study), and Dr. Santiago (mealworms).
  • R75 is an asexual fast-reproducing insect responsible for the devastation of numerous off-world crops. They are not nocturnal, but appear lethargic in the light and prefer the darkness, burrowing underground to consume crops from the roots up, and using echolocation as a defense mechanism. They are the next phase of Prior devastation.
  • Protocol CR91 requires a payload of lethal neurotoxin to be delivered from planetary orbit.
  • Daniel speaks Mandarin fluently.


  • The Priors are already starting to step up the rhetoric with all this talk of Doomsday, "when all shall witness the final battle between the light and darkness." [Daniel]
    That's what they said about Tyson-Holyfield. There's always a rematch. [Mitchell]
  • This is the IOA. These people carry a lot of influence with the Stargate Program - how it's run, how it's funded. You should feel honored. Just don't keep them up past 10:00, and remember to read them a bedtime story before tucking them in for the night. [Landry]
  • When we get back, I'm going to help you find your own place. [Mitchell]
    That will be unnecessary. [Teal'c]
    Dude, what are friends for? [Mitchell]
    For listening when they are told, "That will be unnecessary." [Teal'c]
  • Then we're going to die on this planet, 25,000 light years from Earth. [LaPierre]
    Hey, relax. For starters, it's only 24,000 light years. [Mitchell]
  • You know what? Sit here. You cover our six. But stay alert. You'll hear the bugs coming. The tree ferrets give no warning. [Mitchell]
  • So, we still doing movie night? [Daniel]
    Yeah, why not? [Carter]
    Good, I've already picked something out. [Mitchell]
    Old School? [Teal'c]
    Starship Troopers. [Mitchell]
    Is it humorous? [Teal'c]
    Is it ever. [Mitchell]


  • Popular Culture References:
    • Starship Troopers
      • Homage to the alien-insect-wipes-out-human-life story