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Arthur's Mantle

09.18 Episode 192
Airdate: February 24, 2006

As Carter studies an Ancient device recovered from the cave at Glastonbury, it suddenly emits a blinding flash of light, and both Carter and Mitchell vanish. From their perspective they are still in the lab, but when Dr. Lee unknowingly passes right through them, it becomes apparent that they have entered an alternate dimension. As Carter and Mitchell desperately try to find a way to communicate with their teammates, an offworld distress signal arrives from the Sodan. With no sign of Mitchell, Teal'c assembles a team and visits the Sodan world, but there they find the village in smoldering ruins, and only Haikon is barely alive.

Haikon warns Teal'c that Volnek was responsible for the devastation. For turning against the Ori, a Prior had caused an illness in him, and armed with the Sodan cloaking shield he had laid waste to the village. Teal'c pursues Volnek, but the curse of his illness has made him nearly indestructible. Meanwhile, Daniel's research into Arthur's Mantle, a legendary cloak of invisibility, may explain the Ancient device and the disappearance of Carter and Mitchell. The device's keyboard becomes a link, and through a painstaking series of coded taps, Carter communicates with her teammate, but when Dr. Lee attempts to reverse the energy field, Daniel also vanishes.

With Teal'c overdue, Mitchell joins a rescue mission to the Sodan, despite his invisibility, however he is astounded to discover that Teal'c can see him from within the Sodan cloak, and together they devise a trap to eliminate Volnek. Meanwhile, Daniel deciphers Merlin's writings which tell of his need to conceal his research for a device capable of destroying ascended beings. Suddenly a power drain threatens to strand Daniel, Carter, and Mitchell in the alternate dimension, and Daniel is forced to reverse the technology to restore them. A single gate address grasped from Merlin's device is their only key to the location of a secret weapon that could defeat the Ori.

Written by: Alan McCullough
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Jarvis George as Volnek, Doug Wert as Major Hadden, Bill Dow as Dr. Lee, Gary Jones as Sergeant Harriman, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, Tony Todd as Haikon, Darren Giblin as Conway, Andrew McNee as Technician, Morris Chapdelaine as Prior

Reference: Alternate Dimension, Ancient Transporter, Samantha Carter, Conway, Crystals, Doomsday, Eye of the Gods, Major Hadden, Haikon, Holographic Projection, Invisibility, Krantu, Bill Lee, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, Merlin's Weapon, Cameron Mitchell, M-Theory, Ori, P9G-844, Prior, Prior Staff, Colonel Reynolds, Sodan, Sodan Cloak, Tretonin, Volnek


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

Last of the Sodan


  • Merlin was an ascended Ancient who gave up his ascension to retake human form and develop a secret weapon to defeat the Ori, a weapon capable of destroying ascended beings. To conceal his work from the Others, he developed the "Arthur's Mantle" cloaking device to shift his research into another dimension. The device was recovered from the cave under Glastonbury. The weapon was completed on Earth and then relocated to a planet with the gate address: 20-2-35-8-26-15.
  • According to texts recovered from the cave in Glastonbury, "Anawyn" may be a variation on "Annwn," the Celtic Underworld where King Arthur journeyed in search of 13 sacred objects, one of which was a cloak said to render the wearer invisible. Called "The Mantle of Arthur," it was kept at Bardsey Island by Myrddin (Merlin).
  • Arthur's Mantle and the Sodan cloak seem to be based on similar technology.
  • According to M-theory that unites the five superstring theories, there are 11 spatial dimensions that exist in parallel with our physical reality.
  • SG-12 has returned from P8T-474, bringing word that the Ori Doomsday may be only days away.
  • The location of Merlin's weapon: 20-2-35-8-26-15


  • No, I'll take your word for it. That was alternate reality. This is alternate dimension. Hell, all I need is a good time-travel adventure and I've scored the SG-1 Trifecta. [Mitchell]
  • Boy, am I getting that "Patrick Swayze in Ghost" feeling. General, we need a Whoopi. [Mitchell]
  • You better be sure about this, Doctor, because if you make me disappear there won't be a dimension safe enough for you. [Landry]


  • Injuries:
    • Mitchell: beaten and choked by the invisible Volnek
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Ghost
      • Boy, am I getting that "Patrick Swayze in Ghost" feeling. General, we need a Whoopi.