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Volnek of Geshrel, a Sodan warrior of P9G-844, was the brother of Jolan. When SG-1 arrived on the planet, they were seen as trespassers on sacred ground, and they were ambushed by the Sodan. Volnek and Mitchell faced each other in battle, and both were critically wounded. Volnek sustained a staff weapon wound to the abdomen and was left behind by the Sodan, who believed him to be dead. He was sent to the SGC as a medical emergency and underwent nine hours of surgery, but although he survived, his symbiote was too badly damaged, and Dr. Lam had no choice but to remove it and start Volnek on a regimen of tretonin. Mitchell had also been wounded and captured on the planet, and the SGC intended to trade Volnek for Mitchell's return, but for two weeks as Volnek recovered in the infirmary, he refused to cooperate with the interrogation about his world. Volnek also refused to believe the warnings about the Prior who had visited his planet, and even the words of Tass'an, a Jaffa whose world had been destroyed by the Priors, failed to move him. He treated all Jaffa and the Tauri with equal contempt. When at last Mitchell was returned from P9G-844, Volnek was released to return to his world, but he vowed that he and Mitchell would meet again.

The Sodan failed to embrace Origin, and when a Prior encountered Volnek on a neighboring world, he vowed that a great ill would befall the Sodan for their unforgivable treason against the Ori. He planted his staff and as the blue light enveloped them, Volnek lost consciousness. When he awakened, he returned to his village, but several days later he fell ill with seizures and a madness that could not be reversed. He escaped from his restraints and turned on his own people, killing every man, woman, and child, including his own brother, Jolan. Only a gravely wounded Haikon survived the carnage, and Teal'c arrived with SG-12 to find the village devastated. Volnek seemed to exist in a zombie-like state, able to revive after multiple rounds of P-90 fire in a manner similar to the life-restoring powers of reanimation technology. Volnek remained hidden by the Sodan cloak as he hunted the SG teams, and as he had promised, he and Mitchell met again. Mitchell, however, had joined the SG-12 mission after having been exposed to Merlin's phase-shift device, and by existing in an alternate dimension, Mitchell could see Volnek within the cloak but was unaffected by his weapon. Mitchell lured Volnek toward a tripwire and a series of claymores. The explosion destroyed Volnek's body beyond his powers of restoration, and Volnek was killed.

Portrayed by: Jarvis George

Cross Reference: Haikon, Jolan, P9G-844, Reanimation Device, Sodan, Sodan Cloak, Tass'an, Tretonin

Episode Reference: Babylon, Arthur's Mantle