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Jolan, a Sodan warrior of P9G-844, was the brother of Volnek. When SG-1 arrived on the planet, they were seen as trespassers on sacred ground, and they were ambushed by the Sodan. Volnek was wounded and taken back to the SGC, but the Sodan believed him to be dead. Mitchell was also wounded and taken prisoner by the Sodan, who blamed him for Volnek's death. Lord Haikon, the Sodan leader, decreed that Mitchell must answer for the crime of spilling the blood of a Sodan warrior. He ordered Jolan to treat Mitchell's wounds, to keep him alive, and to train him in jomo se telek, the art of Sodan fighting, to prepare him for kel shak lo, ritual battle to the death. As the training proceeded over the next two weeks, Jolan's contempt for Mitchell slowly turned to respect, and he began to consider Mitchell's warning about the Priors of the Ori. On the day of kel shak lo, Jolan faced Mitchell in hand-to-hand combat, but prior to the battle he had administered an elixir to Mitchell that simulates death. Mitchell fell unconscious during the fight and awakened seven hours later outside the village. The Sodan believed him to be dead, but instead, Jolan helped Mitchell to return to Earth, and his brother Volnek was returned to his people.

Some weeks later, the Prior returned and ordered the Sodan to destroy neighboring civilizations as potential threats. Jolan was among the warriors who traveled to these worlds, but they found only simple farmers and a world decimated by plague. They recognized the truth about the Ori and turned against them, and when SG-1 returned to the planet, Jolan and Haikon agreed to help SG-1 capture the Prior in order to obtain a blood sample that would lead to a cure for the Prior plague. However, the Sodan were punished for committing this unforgivable treason against the Ori. Through the power of a Prior's staff, Volnek was struck down by a madness that drove him to slaughter every one of the Sodan, including his brother Jolan.

Portrayed by: Jason George

Cross Reference: Haikon, Jomo Se Telek, Kel Shak Lo, Krantu, P9G-844, Sodan, Volnek

Episode Reference: Babylon, The Fourth Horseman