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Jomo Se Telek

Jomo Se Telek, the unique fighting style of the Sodan warrior, has been a closely guarded secret for a hundred generations. The rigorous personal combat includes hand-to-hand fighting using training staffs, similar to Bashaak, and martial arts similar in style to Mastaba. When Mitchell was ordered to prepare for Kel Shak Lo, ritual battle to the death with a Sodan warrior, Jolan prepared him for combat by instructing him in the art of Jomo Se Telek. For two weeks, Mitchell underwent intensive training including courses run for stamina, hand-to-hand combat with the bladed Krantu staff, and martial arts instruction. The style of fighting was used when Jolan and Mitchell later faced each other in Kel Shak Lo.

Cross Reference: Bashaak, Goa'uld Language, Jolan, Kel Shak Lo, Krantu, Mastaba, Cameron Mitchell, Sodan

Episode Reference: Babylon