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Lord Haikon had been the leader of the Sodan for more than a hundred years. His ancestors had been among the first of the Sodan warriors nearly 5000 years ago, and he had earned the trust and loyalty of his people, who did not question his judgment. His people had long lived in isolation from the Jaffa who had remained loyal to the Goa'uld, and Haikon had no interest in the affairs of the Jaffa or the new Jaffa nation.

When SG-1 first arrived on the Sodan world of P9G-844, they had unknowingly transgressed the sacred grounds, and they were ambushed. Volnek, a Sodan warrior, was wounded and captured by the SGC but believed to be dead by his fellow warriors, and Mitchell was wounded and taken prisoner by the Sodan. Haikon decreed that Mitchell must be kept alive until he recovered from his wound, after which he would answer for the spilled blood of a Sodan warrior by engaging in kel shak lo, ritual battle to the death, with Volnek's brother Jolan.

The Sodan had been visited by a Prior of the Ori, and although Haikon recognized that the Ori were not the Ancients he worshiped as gods, he was persuaded by the Prior's power to accept the teachings of Origin. As Mitchell recovered from his wound and trained for battle, he attempted to convince Haikon of the Ori's true intentions, but Haikon would not be dissuaded. Mitchell survived his battle and earned Haikon's respect, and Earth and the Sodan forged an uneasy alliance. When Haikon learned firsthand of the devastation left by the Priors, he and his people turned away from the Ori, and he agreed to help SG-1 capture a Prior in order to obtain a blood sample that would end the Prior plague on Earth. However, weeks later, a Prior returned, and for the unforgivable treason committed by the Sodan, Volnek was struck down by a madness that drove him to slaughter every one of the Sodan. Haikon alone survived the carnage, but his injuries were grave and his symbiote was dead. With injections of tretonin, Haikon began to recover, but when at last Volnek was killed by SG-1, Haikon became the last of his people.

Portrayed by: Tony Todd

Cross Reference: Jolan, Kel Shak Lo, P9G-844, Sodan, Tretonin, Volnek

Episode Reference: Babylon, The Fourth Horseman, Arthur's Mantle